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  • Equality & non-discrimination
    • Constitution (sexual orientation)
    • Employment (sexual orientation)
    • Goods & services (sexual orientation)
    • Education (sexual orientation)
    • Health (sexual orientation)
      • Conversion therapy (sexual orientation)
    • Equality body mandate (sexual orientation)
    • Equality action plan (sexual orientation)
    • Constitution (gender identity)
    • Employment (gender identity)
    • Goods & services (gender identity)
    • Education (gender identity)
    • Health (gender identity)
      • Conversion therapy (gender identity)
    • Equality body mandate (gender identity)
    • Equality action plan (gender identity)
    • Law (gender expression)
    • Law (intersex) (red category)
    • Policies (intersex)
  • Family
    • Marriage equality
    • Registered partnership (similar rights to marriage)
    • Registered partnership (limited rights)
    • Cohabitation
    • No constitutional limitation on marriage
    • Joint adoption
    • Second-parent adoption
    • Automatic co-parent recognition
    • Medically assisted insemination (couples)
    • Medically assisted insemination (singles)
    • Trans people can marry a person of another gender
  • Hate crime & hate speech
    • Hate crime law (sexual orientation)
    • Hate speech law (sexual orientation)
    • Policy tackling hatred (sexual orientation)
    • Hate crime law (gender identity)
    • Hate speech law (gender identity)
    • Policy tackling hatred (gender identity)
    • Hate crime law (intersex)
    • Policy tackling hatred (intersex)
  • Civil society space
    • Public event held, no state obstruction of freedom of assembly (3 years)
    • Associations operate, no state obstruction of freedom association (last 3 years)
    • No laws limiting freedom of expression (national/local)
  • Asylum
    • Law (sexual orientation)
    • Policy/other positive measures (sexual orientation)
    • Law (gender identity)
    • Policy/other positive measures (gender identity)
    • Law (intersex)
    • Policy/other positive measures (intersex)

September 2018 – a note on content from ILGA-Europe:

When ILGA-Europe’s Editorial Team were putting together the Rainbow Europe package this year, several scenarios we couldn’t have really predicted all happened - at the same time. This meant that we couldn’t complete the individual Annual Review country chapters to the standard we wanted.

Every year, we strive to compile, write and edit the main Annual Review headlines from the past twelve months (in more than 40 countries) in a way that accurately reflects major developments in each country.

We did our best – but sometimes you have to admit that it just isn’t possible!

So, we focused on finalising the Rainbow Europe Map, individual country introductions and recommendations for national policymakers.

If you require information from 2017 on a specific country, please contact ILGA-Europe directly. We can explore alternative solutions on a case-by-case basis.

Once again, huge thanks to our great members and group of Rainbow Europe country experts for making Rainbow Europe 2018 possible!